Understanding and managing conflict by coping, and coaching

22. februar 2024 | 09.00 - 15.00

22. februar 2024

understanding the origin of conflicts, how to approach them, and resolve them

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Dato: 22. februar 2024
Tidspunkt: 09.00 - 15.00
Status Ledige pladser
Kursusnummer: 9157-24-08-14
Adresse: HK Hovedstaden, Svend Aukens Plads 11, 2300 København S
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Are you challenged by conflicts at your workplace? Perhaps within your group of colleagues or with your manager? Do you find it difficult to express your opinion, or are you a bit quick to react?
The course will help you gain insight on how you can contribute to avoid conflicts, addressing them at an early stage, or deescalating them by communicating.
During the course, we will cover various perspectives on conflicts and methods to investigate, understand, and manage conflicts, including:

  • Understanding the essence of conflict - its definition and how it arises
  • Communication - escalating and deescalating conflicts
  • Awareness of and willingness to understand your own role in conflicts and working on that
  • Standing up for yourself and stating your perspective
  • Listening at different levels
  • Coping and coaching
Prior to attending the course, please remark and note a couple of specific examples of conflicts that we can use in the during the day.
You will gain concrete knowledge and tools on how you, as a human being, colleague, and professional, can handle various conflict situations that arise in the workplace and in general.


Lunch It is possible to order the sandwich of the day without costs. Order it at the reception before the course starts and at 10 am at the latest. Drinks are not included. If you bring your own lunch, you’re welcome to store it in the fridge on 2nd floor right outside the classrooms. It is also here that you can pick up your sandwich.


Mette Milner Henriksen


HK Hovedstadens Uddannelse & Karriere
Svend Aukens Plads 11
2300   København S


Svend Aukens Plads 11
2300 København S

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Understanding and managing conflict by coping, and coaching


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Understanding and managing conflict by coping, and coaching


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