Calculate an estimate of your unemployment benefits

To calculate your unemployment benefits, you need to apply your average gross salary. To find the average, you must use the 12 months with the highest gross salary (Including the 8 percent in labour market contribution) within the past 24 months, to find your average gross salary. If you do not have 12 months of salary, you may apply the average of the months you have received a salary:


Your unemployment benefit basis


As a new graduate you will get a fixed benefit rate


This is how much you can receive in unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefit per month

Please note that the calculation is indicative only. Remember that you must also meet other requirements to receive unemployment benefits i.e., membership of an unemployment fund for at least one year before you can receive unemployment benefits. Different rules apply to students. Need more information? Please contact us using our contact form.

Deduction of Tax

Benefits after deduction of Tax 
If you want to calculate the amount you will receive in benefits after deduction of Tax, you must contact SKAT (The Danish Tax Department). However, you can also try to make your own calculation at SKAT’s homepage

NOTE! If you make any changes in your Preliminary income assessment in the month of December, then please contact us to make sure, that the changes have been reported correctly to us. You do that by contacting us a few days after you have made changes to your Preliminary income assessment. Only needed for changes in December.   

Calculation of net benefits 

Primary tax card and secondary tax card 
You must pay tax of your unemployment benefits. The benefits are paid out at the end of every month. The benefits will be transferred to your ‘Nemkonto’.  
As a starting point we will use your primary tax card. If you don’t receive a full payment, we will use your tax deduction proportionately on the hours you do receive benefits for.  
If you have a part time job where your employer is using your primary tax card, you have to tell us to use your secondary tax card. 

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