Dansk 3 – Talk the Talk Mellem

Talk the Talk is the perfect course if you already can conduct short conversations in Danish, as it is an excellent follow up from Talk More.

The course covers ten different categories: Education, At work, At home, Hobbies and Friends, Emails, Computers and IT, Family, Travel, Sport, Words and The World.

A modern version of the language is used in social conversations. We make use of native speakers so that you gain a better understanding of what your pronunciation should be. It is a good idea if you want to make yourself understandable in Danish.

When you have completed a category you will have the opportunity of doing a quiz so you can check your understanding of the language.

You also have the possibility of printing a word list which covers everything you have done in a particular topic. In this way you can continue the learning process when you are not on your computer.

Expect to spend 20-25 hours on the course.

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